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No matter whether you are the would-be groom or would-be bride, you surely want to have an unforgettable and beautiful wedding diary, or you are exchanging vows in your ring ceremony, or it's your baby's first birthday celebration and you want to freeze those beautiful moments forever. We feel proud to inform you that here is all you expect at SNAPSHOT Photography & Films. We have a team of trained and experienced photographers, cinematographers, and editors, who know exactly the right way to treasure the beautiful moment. With wedding photographers rooted in Indian tradition and culture, we could work brilliantly to bring out the emotional essence of your big day.

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We are a team of one of the best wedding photographers and cinematographers not only in Durgapur but also in India. We are always ready to make your memories more personal with photography. We give your dreams a touch of reality.


With the upcoming trend of professional wedding photography, keeping traditional photography in place, we also add the flavour of candid photography in all our photography projects. A good blend of tradition with trends will be offered. Despite the popularity, some are unaware of the latest trend. We solely dedicate a whole team of the best Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers, Drone Pilots, Editors, Retouchers, Colourists and many other required professionals, in SNAPSHOT Photography & Films. We give a touch of perfection to your wedding with our amazing candid wedding photography. We have a team of experts, trained and experienced workaholic passionate professionals.


We assure you that once you talk to our team and know about our record and experience, you will hire us immediately. Not over-confidence, but it is our dedicated service that we feel confident enough to fulfil your emotional desires, turning your dream into reality.


We offer a value-added service to location solutions to makeup artists to decoration to dress designers for better photographs.


Today, professional photography is not confined to shooting the rituals and ceremonies, but there is something very special for the wedding couple. For a few years or say over a decade, pre-wedding photography has occupied the larger space in the wedding photography agenda.

If you and your partner want a high profile pre-wedding shoot, Your search ends here at SNAPSHOT Photography & Films, we will provide you with the best pre-wedding packages. You can choose it as a combined package with our complete wedding photography package or hire take it as a separate add-on.



SNAPSHOT Photography & Films offers this service to celebrate the existence of those cute, little yet important persons all around the globe. We offer this service at a very reasonable rate. Get in touch if you’d like to try this service or keep browsing through the list of what’s available.



SNAPSHOT Photography & Films values relationship, therefore, offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. They understand that this type of photography is a necessity for those who want to keep their precious moments with family safe and secure so they make sure it’s available at a price that makes sense. Get in touch if you’d like to try this service or keep browsing through the list of what’s available.

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