* The Agreement contains the entire outstanding between the Client and SNAPSHOT. The Client and SNAPSHOT consent to happily cooperate and communicate with each other to achieve the best possible result.

* All the copyrights of photography remain with SNAPSHOT.

* If the client cancels the event for whatever reason, the booking fee is non-refundable.

* The customer has to give us the selected photographs and videos within 60 days of the event, if not then extra ₹ 200    will be charged for every TWO days after that. 

* After we receive the number of selected photographs we will take a time of 3-4 months maximum to deliver the album. We need this time because we believe not to compromise in editing, and we edit each and every single image u have selected in very fine detail. 

* We deal with electronic goods. So SNAPSHOT won’t be responsible for any kind of technical discrepancies. 

* We can use pictures or videos of yours for promotional purposes on social platforms. We also promise that we never misuse any data of your event.

* If the location of the event is out of town (Durgapur, West Bengal) then the client will bear our traveling and food expenses and will provide us a room where our team will stay during the event which is not including within the deal amount.

* It's our client's responsibility and we also request them to kindly clear the total payment in the event date and collect the raw files in a hard drive (provided by them) or via any cloud storage for selection at the same day or within a week from their event date.