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Frequently Asked Questions?

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  • How much do you Charge?
    The pricing depends on your requirements. Every wedding is unique, and we can’t put a finger on the exact figure on how much we would be charging for the wedding. But our very basic pricing starts from INR 50 Approx. The Basic Package includes an event in the Candid/Artistic Photography style, and we would also give you a beautiful Photo-book of the entire event.
  • Is the price Negotiable? Do we get a discount?
    We believe that we don’t charge a single penny more than what we deserve. We can create and craft custom packages for you, just help us with information on your budget. We do not encourage discount negotiations. This is a project where the client and our team believe in, and we believe in working together with all our will and passion, and the right compensation for a work well done is important for us. Please do not try to compromise us in pricing, which makes both of us time waste. We hope you understand. :)
  • What is the ‘normal’ number of photographs that you would give us?
    We would definitely give you 200-600 Photographs per event, the number variation might happen depends on how length your wedding rituals is. If it’s a Wedding film, it would definitely run anywhere between 7 and 8~20~30 minutes.
  • What about advance booking payment?
    50% of the charge agreed is required at the time of booking (the “BOOKING FEE”). Dates are reserved only when this Booking Fee is paid by the Client to the Company either by way of Cash, Bank transfer, UPI, or Cheque. A booking confirmation email will be sent by the Company on receiving the Booking Fee at the Email address provided by the Client at the time of booking.
  • Some Photographers who are willing to take ‘Candid Photography’ for 20K, why do you guys charge 5 times over that price?"
    There are mobile handsets that are available for Rs.3000, and then there is an iPhone. The cost eventually does not matter because you are seeking quality and class here. The output is completely dependent on how much you pay for the experience. Take a look at our pictures, and compare them with anyone else who offers Candid Photography at a lesser cost, you will certainly see that the quality of our output is a lot of notches above.
  • Why the price of Candid Photography varies for each event?
    Here the workload it really matters, If its a pre-wedding rituals or post-wedding rituals we charge less than wedding cost and we want to mention that the workload is not only for the photographer who works there and also the post-processing team too get involved, less short event ends with the lesser number of photographs means the lesser workload on site and off site
  • How do we hire you guys?
    Please fill in the enquiry form here to get a Custom Quote. Once we have finalized on the quote, and the requirements, we will go ahead with the booking and the confirmation.
  • How many months in advance do we book/get in touch with you?
    It would be awesome if you can let us know 6 months in advance of your wedding. That would give us ample time to decide on the lighting, mood, colour, and the direction of your story. We are usually flooded with a lot of bookings, so the sooner the better. In case you just stumbled upon us, you love our work, you want to hire us, but your wedding is just a month away, please feel free to drop in a note.
  • I am at abroad now but I am based out of India, how do I make the payment with you guys?"
    A good chunk of our clientele includes NRIs, and we prefer that you can arrange for the wire transfer to book us.
  • We would like to see some of your work before we hire you. Where can we find your pictures?
    Please take a look at our portfolio to understand more about how we work. Please also make sure to read through our FAQs, and if you have any additional questions, you are welcome to hit us up. Ask Here!
  • Can we meet in person before going ahead with the booking?
    We would definitely prefer to meet you in person to understand more about your requirements. You can drop into our office anytime or call us to schedule a visit.
  • You have mentioned timings of the shoot in the quote. Is it possible to work in flexible timings as well?
    We can most definitely work the timings out, but we can be flexible for ±1 hour at best. If the timings exceed the stipulated timings, you will have to pay extra in accordance with the extra number of hours. Event late start doesn't mean that late ending.
  • What is Candid / Artistic Wedding Photography? Can you explain in Detail?
    Candid Wedding Photography is a true candid moment / artistic. It’s so artistic that we make art feel jealous by just rolling the lenses in our camera. Candid is immediate, momentous, and joyous. We give weight to your moments because your wedding deserves no less. Candid photos, and honestly candid videos, with a streak of artistic passion and full-on sincerity, is what we will be offering you.
  • What is the difference between CANDID and TRADITIONAL Wedding photography?
    CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY The Candid wedding photographer captures a wedding as it is. No one is asked to pose, no one is asked to stand and smile the way it is apt for photography. Moments and events and emotions are captured from the behind, you just wouldn’t know we have clicked you with all your best expressions. The rituals aren’t interrupted; people’s smiles aren’t crafted and perfected. We will just let you be your best self, and we will poke our lens right through your moments without you knowing there is a camera roll behind. Learn more about CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Traditional wedding photography is the complete opposite of Candid Photography. We try to create an album out of your wedding then and there. We will ask you to pose and smile and weave expressions. A lot of things about your wedding photography are staged. Which is also a good thing because you decide what should be clicked, and shouldn’t be clicked? The order of the wedding is categorically captured, the ‘sequence’ of people gifting you is thoroughly shot, and the photography throughout the event is ‘consistent’. It’s not flashy, it’s very straight forward, and very studio-ish, so you will know what to expect in your wedding album. Learn more about TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY
  • What is the Wedding Film? Wedding Cinematography? Wedding Highlights?
    A wedding we believe is like a movie. The coming together of so many beautiful things into one big happy story that is timeless. Isn’t it important to capture this fairytale, the way it is supposed to be? Enter us in the picture, and we will take off the rest. Wedding moments are motion from Candid/Artistic Photography. The shots are taken cinematically. The angles are coordinated extensively such that they involve a lot of cinematic filmmaking aspects. To throw some technical jargon in, we use ultra wide-angle shots, telephoto, macro, creative shots, smooth shooting, low light shots and solid editing etc., to give you a Monsoon Wedding Part 2. This is just filmmaking at its best. Only happy endings and too many colours and pretty faces to boot, you will love watching it. :) Learn more and Watch some of our WEDDING FILMS
  • Can you talk a little bit about your equipment? Camera make, and specs?"
    We aspire to be the best in the business. And we also want to be true to our passion. And that is also why we believe in using the best camera and lenses that are out there in the market. A beautiful wedding between the lens quality, and the person being captured births some mouth gaping shots. One can frame shots in ‘N’ number of ways, but the photographer’s skill and the quality of the equipment largely contribute to the success of a shot. Every shot is important. Every wedding is like a new lifetime. Our equipment is a class apart, and we are proud to be associated with such brands like "Sony, Canon, DJI, GoPro, Godox, Rode, Digitek" We have captured some really difficult shots, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible if not for the camera that we use.
  • How do you choose tracks/songs for the Wedding Films?
    You are welcome to choose the mood/setting of your Film. But we are very particular that the track and the essence of the songs are in sync with the video/footage. If that is also your prerogative, our collaboration is sure to create some extraordinary magic. :)
  • Do you guys do Traditional/Conventional Photography & Video Coverage too?
    Well of course. ‘Normal’ aka ‘Traditional’ photographers are part of our team as well. No bling, no montage. Just conventions have done with perfection. Hire us :)
  • Do you pitch in to help us with ideas on our Wedding / Reception / Sangeet Stage design?
    We would LOVE to get involved in this part of your wedding planning! PLEASE CALL US. :) Stage Backgrounds play an extremely important role in Photography and Videography. Well-Fitting Background colour and ambience lights in a wedding are absolutely essential contributors to the quality of our output. We would also prefer to know this entire minutia beforehand so we can plan on our equipment, and lenses to aid the shots and be in sync with the colour of the wedding accordingly.
  • I was browsing through the Internet, and I have collected some wedding pictures. I would like to see similar shots photographed in my wedding. Is this possible?"
    We are very willing and open to suggestions. We can’t assure on ‘replicating’ the photograph frame by frame because we believe that every wedding and the mood and the couple are unique, but we can definitely do our best to improvise on such shots. It’s your wedding at the end of the day, and we would love to make it very special for you!
  • Do you guys shoot for weddings outside of West Bengal?
    Of course, we do! We are super fond of travelling. We have been there, shot that! Please note that we expect our clients to take care of Travel and accommodation expenses if your venue is out of Durgapur, West Bengal, India.
  • Will you use my event's Pictures & Videos for promotional purpose in any offline or online platform or media?
    We will, and we will also make your event popular. :) We work by referrals, and swear by the quality of our work, so it becomes important for us to showcase our talent out there. If you do not want your photographs or Videos displayed anywhere, please let us know before the final agreement. Do also remember, in that case, you will be charged 80% extra from your total Package cost.
  • Do you guys work with other photography Teams? We have a family photographer as well who might want to click the wedding.
    We do not prefer working with other Photographers. First thing, we get distracted, the stage is messy, and there is a lack of coordination from our experience. Each photographer has his/her own style of shooting and filming, and it would get quite messy trying to work things out with someone who hails from a completely different school of photography. Please don’t make us go through that ordeal.
  • When can we expect the delivery of the Photographs/Videos?
    Firstly, you have to clear your total payment on you event date or with in a week (in case of any problem) maximum from your event date. After making the full payment we love to start our post processing work. You are requested to collect all the raw data within a week from your event date in a Hard drive. Processed Pictures would be delivered within 3-4 months from the date you selected the number of images to be processed. Delivery Timeline: After we receive the number of selected photographs we will take a time of 3-4 months maximum to deliver the PDF of the album. We need this time because we believe in not compromising in editing, and we edit each and every single image u have selected in very fine detail. Once we got approval from your side regarding the PDF that there are no changes, we will start the printing process. It usually takes 12-15 business days to deliver the album after the final approval of the PDF. It usually takes a time of 3-4 months maximum for the videos to deliver. It might take longer depending on the workload of the photographer and/or the feedback time by the client. The clients are requested to order any corrections/changes within one week of the delivery date. We will not take any changes if requested after the mentioned period. Delay of payment will also delay the entire delivery timeline.
  • How will be the Album / Photo-book design?
    Neat, Clean, Simple and elegant album layout will be made by our design/layout crew. We never cut your images and place it in some foreign backdrop and some waterfalls etc., we use our pictures as it is what we captured.
  • Can I get RAW footages & Photos of my Wedding?
    Yes. We will provide you with all the RAW Pictures and footages of your wedding in a Hard Drive. The Hard Drive is not a part of package, we will provide you with all the RAWs against your final receipt.
  • In case there is a VISA interview immediately after the wedding, would you be able to provide a photo-book for the interview?"
    We should definitely be able to help you with a few wedding pictures the VISA Interview, why even a little over an hour after your wedding. We can certainly deliver 10-15 photographs that will be sufficient to meet the VISA interview criteria although an album or a photo-book wouldn’t be possible. CONTACT US
  • What is the best way to reach your guys?
    E-mail! You can email us at and we will make sure we respond to you within 24 hours. You can also ping us in WhatsApp or give a call: +91-8346837637 If your call missed! we will ring you back at the earliest.
  • How big is your team?
    We are a team of talented and professional Photographers/ Cinematographers / Editors. Which inclusive of Candid & Traditional Photography team. We can able to shoot 3-4 weddings on the same day.
  • Where is your office located?
    Our office is located at #3/13 Newton Avenue, B-Zone, Durgapur - 05, West Bengal. India. Pin: 713205, Map Direction
  • Do you have any other branches in India / elsewhere?
    No. We only one have the office, and that is located in the address mentioned above. Find the Map Here, From here we serve worldwide.
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